Responsible Gaming

VBET is committed to promoting responsible gaming to its customers and to promoting awareness of problematic gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment. VBET's Responsible Gambling Policy states its commitment to minimise the negative effects of problematic gambling and to promote responsible gambling practices. VBET supports the generation of online money players by offering a wide range of games and entertainment. We also take responsibility for our product line. The goal of is to provide the most secure and innovative adult gaming platform in the world. The products are clear and secure, they allow each user to play with their financial means and receive a high quality service. Integrity, fairness and reliability are the guiding principles of's work. Therefore, it is clear that should do its best to avoid and reduce the problems of dependence that may result from gambling participation, especially in cases of immoderate games. Also, it is important to respect the rights of those who participate in gambling activities to a reasonable degree as a means of entertainment. Responsible gambling on is based on three fundamental principles: player safety, game safety and protection from gambling addiction. Together with research institutes, associations and therapy institutions, we are working to create a responsible, secure and reliable framework for online gambling.


Player safety
We take responsibility for the safety of our players. The protection of the players is based on the prohibition of the participation of minors to have access to the games and privacy protection, which implies a responsible treatment of the personal data and payments. The fairness and randomness of the products offered are closely monitored by independent organisations. Marketing communication is also geared towards player protection : we only promise what players can receive. Our guideline is transparency.

Protection from gambling addiction : research - prevention - intervention

The majority of users who make sports bets, casino bets and other gaming offerings play moderately for entertainment. Certain behaviours and behavioural tendencies (such as shopping, playing sports, eating or drinking) that are considered normal and that are not of concern may become addictive for some people and cause problems. In the same way, betting on sports and gambling can cause problems for a small group of customers. Gambling addicts are prohibited from continuing to play. Then clients receive contacts from organisations where they can receive professional advice and support.

Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention
The basic principle promoted by is that the final decision and responsibility to play or not, and the amount of money that can be spent on the game should be assumed by the customer. The customer's personal self-responsibility is therefore the most effective form of dependency protection. The responsibility of is to help customers by providing transparent products, complete information and keeping a clear line of conduct.

Protection of minors does not allow minors (people under 18 years) to participate in games and place bets. This is why confirmation of having reached adulthood and confirmation of the date of birth are mandatory requirements when registering. considers the problem of minors participating in games and placing bets as very serious. In order to offer the best possible protection for minors, we also count on the support of parents. Please keep your data for access to the account in a safe place (username and password). 
In addition, we recommend that you install a filtering software. This software will allow you to restrict access to internet resources deemed inappropriate for minors.


Responsibility towards problems offers a variety of games and bets that are forms of entertainment for the majority of customers. Also, the company takes responsibility by providing its customers with the support and tools needed to maintain an entertaining and secure environment, taking into account the associated risks.

Customers who have difficulty assessing risks, recognizing their own limitations or those who are addicted to gambling are not able to take advantage of our range of products responsibly and  

perceive it as a form of entertainment. takes responsibility for such users by blocking their access to products for their own protection.

Learn about the main issues!
Most people play for fun. Moderate participation in their financial capacity is totally acceptable. However, for a small percentage of people, gambling is not a form of entertainment, it is a challenge that should be seriously considered.

What is the problematic behaviour of gambling ?

Problematic gambling behaviour is considered when it interferes with the lifestyle, work, financial situation or health of a person or their family. Extended participation in games is counter-indicative as it can lead to negative consequences.

In 1980, pathological gambling addiction was officially recognized and included in the list of psychological diseases of the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. It is defined as a long, repeated and often amplified tilt for play, despite existing negative personal and social circumstances, such as debt, breakdown of family relationships, and stunted professional growth.  

In which cases should a person's behaviour be considered an addiction ?  

It must be emphasised that the diagnosis of gambling addiction can only be qualified by experts. The content presented on this web page will help you to estimate and define your own game behaviour.

The particular risk of addictions that are not associated with any substance is that it is very difficult to define the boundary between pleasure and dependence.  

Nevertheless, there are diagnostic signals that can signal existing problems. In the presence of at least five of the following symptoms, the likelihood of heavy dependence is high :

1. The player is deeply involved in the game, all their thoughts are only about the game.

2. The amount bet increases with time.

3. The player attempts to leave or control their participation in the games seem to be unsuccessful.

4. By limiting their participation in the game, a person experiences irritation and disappointment.

5. Play is a way to escape from problems or discomfort.

6. The player tries to recover the lost amount.

7. The player lies about their gambling behaviour.

8. The player commits illegal acts.

9. The player ruins or breaks the relationship with family and colleagues.

10. The player borrows money to participate in the games.

You can also do the test on which allows you to evaluate your level of dependence on games. This test consists of 11 closed questions related to their playing habits.  

At the end of this questionnaire, a score is attributed to you :

- If you have 0 points : You have good playing habits. The game is a pleasure and an entertainment.

- If you have between 1 and 3 points : VBET advises to remain vigilant, some of your gambling behaviours deserve special attention.

- If you have more than 4 points : VBET encourages you to talk to people around you or to get assistance because it seems that you have exceeded the limits of entertainment and pleasure.

Rules for responsible gaming

Following the rules below, you can enjoy the game without anxiety :

1. Start playing only when you are calm and focused.

2. Take regular breaks.

3. Define in advance the monthly amount you can spend on the game.

4. Once you have set a maximum limit, do not increase it.

5. Before you start playing, set the maximum amount of payoff. You have to stop playing once the amount is reached.

6. Set the amount you can afford to lose beforehand.

7. Do not start playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8. Do not start playing in a depressed state.

I find it increasingly difficult to control my gambling activity. Which possibilities are offered to me ?
If you feel you are losing control of the game, you have several options :

* Lower your deposit limits and bet limits  

* Contact our anonymous help and support services :  

- ADICTEL : it is the first interactive platform for prevention and help for addicted players. To access their website, visit You can contact them by phone at 0 805 02 00 00 (toll-free number from a landline) or by email at [email protected]. This service is available 24/7.

- JOUEURS INFO SERVICE : it is the national remote support service for gambling and addictions. To access their website, visit You can contact them by phone at 09 74 75 13 13 (standard local telephone charges apply or included in box and mobile packages) or via their online chat. This service is available 7 days a week from 8am to 2am.

* Use temporary or permanent self-exclusion features. You will be prohibited from accessing the site and you will be unable to re-register for the duration you have defined.

* Get banned from gambling. For the procedure to follow, please click on this link.

* Ask for final closure of your account. You will never be able to use your account again.


What is temporary self-exclusion and how to apply ?
Temporary self-exclusion is a feature that allows players who lose control to no longer be able to deposit and bet for a defined period of time. On the other hand, the withdrawal of gains remains possible by contacting the support. It is the player who shall make the request and determine the duration of their exclusion.

If you want to temporarily self-exclude yourself from, go to your profile and click on the "Temporary self-exclusion" tab. Then select the self-exclusion desired duration and click "Save".

What is permanent self-exclusion and how to apply ?

Permanent self-exclusion is a feature that allows players who lose control to be banned from accessing and registering the site for a period of 3 years. This feature causes the immediate closure of the account and the payment of your earnings on your bank account. Please note that if your account is temporary, you will need to send us a RIB and a copy of your identity document to receive your winnings. These are set aside for a period of 6 years. After this period, the balance will become State property.


If you want to permanently self exclude yourself from, go to your profile and click on the "Permanent self-exclusion" tab. Then select "Permanent" and click "Save".

What happens to my bets during my self-exclusion?

In case of temporary or permanent self-exclusion, your current bets are maintained.

Can I cancel my self-exclusion earlier or is it irreversible ?
It is strictly impossible to cancel a self-exclusion. Think twice before applying, you may not revoke your decision.

I wish to be banned from gambling. How to proceed ?
You can voluntarily ask to be registered in the banned from gambling file of the Ministry of the Interior by following the instructions available on the following web page :

Once registered, you will be banned from casinos, gaming circles and legal gambling sites.
The voluntary ban on games is valid throughout France (metropolitan France and French overseas departments and territories) for an in compressible duration of 3 years.

At the end of these 3 years, the ban is automatically renewed. If you wish to lift the ban, you will have to send a written request to the Ministry of the Interior.

What are my game limits and how to change them ?
On, 3 types of game moderators are put at your disposal :

1 – the automatic withdrawal threshold : this is the maximum amount of your balance on If this amount is reached, the amount exceeding this threshold is automatically transferred to your bank account. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 15 €.

2 – the deposit limit : this is the maximum cumulative amount of your deposits over a weekly period.

3 – the betting limits : this is the maximum cumulative amount of your bets over a weekly period.

These game limits are all editable through your account. Any downward change is of immediate effect. Any upward change will be effective within 48 hours at the earliest.